Training Your Puppy to be a Diabetic Alert Dog

Training Your Puppy to be a Diabetic Alert Dog. My training manual is in
workbook format with links to online resources, training videos, recommended
products,how to use collect and use scent samples, forms to track
scent training,training checklists, and much more. 122 pages.

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Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Public Perception

Service dogs are more visible in public today than ever before. And yet ... a well trained service dog should be INvisible.

Invisible? Not literally, of course. But, yes, invisible in that the public is unaware of your dog's presence unless they walk past you. No matter where you go with your service dog, he should be well mannered, focused on and in sync with you. People who observe you leaving a restaurant should be overheard saying "I didn't even know there was a dog in here." In this video, 17-year-old Annie grocery shops with her 10-month-old Diabetic Alert Dog, Pacey. Note where he is sitting and his demeanor. He is quietly waiting (and watching) his handler.

Young handler. Young dog. Great job!

If you are struggling with your service's dog's manners in public, enlist the help of a local dog trainer ... one who uses positive dog training methodologies.