Training Your Puppy to be a Diabetic Alert Dog

Training Your Puppy to be a Diabetic Alert Dog. My training manual is in
workbook format with links to online resources, training videos, recommended
products,how to use collect and use scent samples, forms to track
scent training,training checklists, and much more. 122 pages.

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Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Dogs just gotta have fun!

Yes, even, service dogs need to have fun. And here's beautiful LuLu and her T1D, Christian, hanging out in the snow in Northern Virginia! Once LuLu is fully trained and certified, she will be perfectly able to interrupt a play session (or agility or retrieving or anything else they are involved in) to alert on their diabetic. Dogs are the ultimate multi-taskers!

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Beverly Tyler said...

This is true,even when Sugar (another Warren Retriever Diabetic Alert Dog in training with Dee Bogetti) was playing on the beach, jumping in waves and rolling in sand, he stopped and came over to me to alert to a drop in my blood glucose. I had laid down and just thought I was tired (low sugar brain thinking), when he came over and alerted, he was right I was dropping. Because he alerted I was able to correct the drop before it became too low and messed my wonderful day on the beach up.