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Monday, July 20, 2009

Common Commands

The commands you use most often may different then what other people use but, these are the commands that I and several others use frequently.
-wait, leave it, heel, watch me, check me, sit, and down
Do you agree abi?


Abi Thornton said...

Ofcourse i agree with you! i always agree with you :) haha

the commands that you listed are what i use most often as well. but there are a few more that i have started using really often:
stand- this command has come in handy lately! i have been using it alot.

back- i LOVE this command. we use it all the time! Darcy 'sings' in the choir with me (well, DARCY doesn't sing.... I do. hehe)and the ONLY way that Darcy can get out of the choir loft is to back up. so i tell him to "get back" and he backs up all the way to the door and then turns around! it is SO cute!

straighten up- sometimes if we have been sitting somewhere for a long time Darcy decides that he just needs to get comfortable! so he lays over on his side and sprawls out. it doesn't look very professional, PLUS i don't want him to get in anyones way. So i tell Darcy to "straighten up" and he lays upright nice and pretty! it is SO cute!!

Valliegirl said...

I never thought about the straighten up command. That sounds like a good idea! Once you tell him to straighten up does he stay that way tell you give him a new command?
I use "backup" for what you were describing and "get back" for my return to heel command if lucy gets out of heel. But i also use use those alot.

Abi Thornton said...

yes, i must say... i felt like a genius after i came up with the idea and successfully tought it to MD. hahaha. But yes, he does stay in the 'upright' position once i tell him the command. it is so cute! darcy thinks it is a game!!! i tell it to him and then he pops up SO fast! it is so funny! i want to get it on video.... maybe you will see it on FB soon :)

when darcy gets out of his heel position i say, "excuse me, heel". and then i target him back in with my hands. it has worked really well. and now (since we have done it so so so many times) he goes back to heel without me targeting him.