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Training Your Puppy to be a Diabetic Alert Dog. My training manual is in
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Saturday, July 18, 2009

The Earlier the Better.

When lucy first started alerting to low bloodsugar she caught them in the 50's and 60's. Now, she usually alerts when I'm above 100, well before I actually go low. This is sooooooo helpful! When a diabetic's bloodsugar goes low there are two related mechanisms the body has to help prevent severe hypoglycemia that can lead to death. One-the body releases epinephrine, ACTH, glucagon(that's why diabetics with low bloodsugar give glucagon shots when they are super low) and growth hormone these cause the body to break down fat and glycagon into glucose to raise your bloodsugar. This usually kicks in when blood glucose drops below 60 mg/dl but it doesn't always happen at the same level or raise your bloodsugar the same amount every time. Two-the release of these hormones also causes an overwhelming and uncontrollable need(not just a craving) to "eat everything in sight." Well these reactions both raise the bloodsugar they will usually lead to high bloodsugar. When the body releases the hormones to raise the blood glucose it doesn't just raise enough to put you back in the normal range. It will raise you FAR above normal(a rebound or somogyi effect). Because lucy is able to alert before I even go low, she prevents my body from releases those hormone that cause the high bloodsugars that are near impossible(at least for me) to prevent. Since I don't feel low when she alerts I don't have the desire to over eat. I am able to eat a specific small amount of sugar and stay within the normal range. I know that if I eat a small amount and its not enough lucy will alert again in just a few minutes so I don't have to worry about eating lots.

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Abi Thornton said...

great post, Valerie.
and it's SO true. when i get 'way down there' (hasn't happend since darcy - YAY) i get SO scared that i am going to have a seizure that i start eating and i don't stop until i 'feel better'. it is such a scary feeling that i will never be able to explain. then the rest of the day is spent fighting the highs.... that's a draining feeling!

Mr Darcy ALWAYS alerts ahead of time. 30 minutes ago Darcy alerted BG 139. he just now came back and re- alerted and i was 95. so i ate 15 carbs and i was all good. i can eat the same thing EVERY time and don't have to worry that it isn't enought because he will come back and tell me again if i am still low.

Today Darcy and I went on a walk. we were about a 1/2 a mile from my house when D alerted. He picked up the bringsel and pawed my foot. i didn't have a low snack OR my meter!!!!!! i didn't panic because i knew that darcy alerts in advance. by the time i walked the 1/2 a mile back to my house my BG was 89!! he had alerted enough in advance that i could walk 1/2 mile home in the heat and in the sun.
MAN i LOVE this dog!!!