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Training Your Puppy to be a Diabetic Alert Dog. My training manual is in
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Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Alerting in Hot Weather

Does anyone else's dog seem to have a harder time alerting when they are hot? Just curious. Bailey is on a no alert run right now, and she has been outside a lot more, with summer activities.

One Answer:
Again, referencing wilderness SAR, when dogs are worked off leash and are typically moving quickly in a large area - I always tried to be aware of how much my dog was panting. If I allowed her to get overheated the panting seemed to, to some degree, inhibit her most excellent nose. Another tip - from my vet: when your dog gets her Bordetella, ask for the injectable version rather than the intra-nasal. I don't know if the intra-nasal would interfere with my dog's ability to air scent but I never wanted to chance it. I also read that the intra-nasal version can cause sneezing, mild cough and even a fever 1 to 2 days following vaccination.

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Valliegirl said...

This is my own thinking: dogs probably get more worn out in heat like people do, panting to keep cool is work. So maybe lucy is alerting less often because she is more worn out and just need to adjust to the summer weather. Also, i heard somewhere(i dont remember where) that scent travels better in cold wet environments so maybe the heat just makes it harder to smell. Its probably just a new environment the alert dog needs to be trained in.