Training Your Puppy to be a Diabetic Alert Dog

Training Your Puppy to be a Diabetic Alert Dog. My training manual is in
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Friday, June 19, 2009

Doggy Diaper Bag

Bringing a puppy out in public is a lot like bringing a new born baby out in public..... you need a diaper bag!

When you bring your puppy in public you should always have:
  • Poopy Bags - Always clean up after your puppy!
  • Wet Wipes - For just in case your puppy makes a mess!
  • Dog Treats - I used to bring a can of cheese wiz with me every where i went. But you know your puppy best and you know which treats they like the best.
  • Bone - You just need something that they can chew on and that will occupy puppy's time. Mr Darcy likes Nyla bones...... but Mr Darcy likes anything you put in front of him :)
  • Stuffed Kong - I believe Mrs Dee posted about how to stuff the kong.
  • Clicker - I keep a clicker on my key chain at all times.
  • Law Cards - Law cards are SO important, especially with a little pup because people tend to not take you seriously when you bring a cute, little puppy into a store.
  • Portable Water Bowl - Puppy's get thirsty fast! We have a portable water bowl from Outward Hound. It folds up and snaps together and fits right in Mr Darcy's vest.
  • A Mat (depending on where you are) - I always bring a mat with me to church. There is tile floor and Mr Darcy gets cold if I don't bring one.
  • Don't Forget your medical supplies!!! I have my meter, low snacks, a insulin pen, and glucagon in Mr Darcy's vest.

Now that Mr Darcy is older I do not have to bring all of these things with me everywhere I go. I have poopy bags hanging off of his vest, a water bowl strapped on top of his vest, and law cards clipped on to his vest. At this point, that is all Mr. Darcy needs in public. But when he was a puppy I had ALL of these things with me CONSTANTLY!

Hope this helps,

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Dee Bogetti said...

Thanks, Abi. Very helpful.