Training Your Puppy to be a Diabetic Alert Dog

Training Your Puppy to be a Diabetic Alert Dog. My training manual is in
workbook format with links to online resources, training videos, recommended
products,how to use collect and use scent samples, forms to track
scent training,training checklists, and much more. 122 pages.

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Monday, June 22, 2009

Alerting to Other Diabetics

I often get asked if lucy will alert to other diabetics and the answer is Yes. The high/low smell is the same(or very close) for everyone. Lucy has alerted to another girl with hypoglycemia and I should find out in the next week if she correctly diagnosed my boyfriends sister. My younger sister who is living with me at home for the summer is also a type 1 diabetic and lucy often alerts to her as well. When Lucy alerts to my sister lauren, I encourage it however, I never encourage/reward her for alerting to anyone else. There are far to many type 2 diabetics in the world and I don't want lucy alerting to 15 people everytime we walk through walmart; it would be stressful for me and for her. I should also mention that while lucy does alert for my younger sister she has not dropped off in alerting me and she does not alert to lauren as often or as close to going-out-of-range bloodsugars as she does for me.


Abi Thornton said...

Yes. When Mr Darcy alerts to someone else i say, "good alert. Now- enough."
i never reward him for it, but never discourage him either.

Dena said...

Bailey does that too. I don't make a big deal over it. I agree with the not discouraging it.
Does anyone else's dog seem to have a harder time alerting when they are hot? Just curious. Bailey is on a no alert run right now, and she has been outside a lot more, with summer activities.

Abi Thornton said...

i haven't noticed that with MD.....

It is going to be VERY hot at the workshop!!! it is 101 right now.... and NO BREEZE! bring lots of water for your pups!!!